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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are hoping to place updates on our website regularly.
Please check back for any changes in the coming weeks.

  • Update: 4th January 2021

    We all hope that you have had a great time over the festive period and wish you a happy new year.

    With the new Lockdown announced today, we thought it would be worthwhile updating our patients that we remain open AS NORMAL and are here for your dental needs.

  • Dentistry classifies as healthcare and as such, you are able to travel to and from the dental practice within the Coronavirus lockdown rules.

    We have taken all precautions possible to provide a safe and effective service. However, there is much that we don’t understand about COVID-19 so we would still request you consider your personal circumstances for when you would like to be seen. Particularly for those patients that fall into a Shielded category, such as patients on chemotherapy, the NHS are still advising to postpone your routine non-urgent dental care. This is very much at your discretion and for your own well-being. We are here if you need us.

    Our aim at this time is to minimise the number of patients in the building at any one time. As such, it is our normal process for patients to attend and send us a text message upon arrival and wait in the nearby vicinity of the dental practice, including in their car where attending by car, and we will contact when ready to enter the building when your dentist is ready for you.

  • An  email detailing the protocol will be sent to you the working day before your appointment. It is important to please read and follow this procedure to ensure an efficient and safe visit when you attend.

    We are continuing with the Email consultation service for those patients that do not wish to attend at this time. It is always advantageous to be able to assess dental problems in person although you are welcome to contact your own registered dentist by email if you feel we can help.

    Please email:

    GHBRickyMakkar@gmail.com if your registered dentist is Mr. Ricky Makkar

    GHBMasoodJaffer@gmail.com if your registered dentist is Mr. Masood Jaffer

    GHBSatMakkar@gmail.com if your registered dentist is Mr. Sat. Makkar

    Please include your full name, address and date of birth in all correspondence. We can then ensure we have your records to advise more comprehensively.

  • Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.
    The Team at GHB Dental Care

To arrange an appointment, feel free to call our reception team on 0114 2377642 or pop in during our normal working hours.

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You are now welcome to add your details to our adult new patient waiting list. We will then contact you when we are able to organise your New Patient Assessment with us, which costs £65 including any X-rays that are required. If you would like to add your name to this list, please contact us on 0114 2377642.

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