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We are currently able to treat children under the age of 18 years on the NHS. Although our NHS list is currently full, we agree to see under 18 patients for free when they have a parent or Guardian on our GHB Dental Health Plan, as a goodwill gesture. This is accurate at the time of writing and is subject to change, although we always endeavour to ensure children have access to good quality dental care and try to look after the next generation as best as possible.

We treat our adult patients independent to the NHS. We aim to set our fees at an inexpensive level for the quality of care that we strive to provide.

At this time, we have just began accepting a small number of new patients to the practice. Contact our Reception staff on 0114 2377642 to check our next available new patient assessment slots. A new patient assessment costs £65 including any necessary X-rays. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of a small number of patients not attending their assessment, we now charge the £65 at the point of booking the appointment.


Service Cost
New Patient Assessment An Adult new patient assessment currently costs £65
Emergency Appointment
(Non-registered patients)
Apologies – We are unable to offer emergency appointments to unregistered patients at this time
Routine Examination 2x Included annually on our monthly membership plan
Scale & Polish 2x Included on our monthly membership plan
White Fillings from £88 on our monthly membership plan
Silver Fillings from £78 on our monthly membership plan
Extractions from £80 on our monthly membership plan
White Crowns from £450 on our monthly membership plan
Root Canal Treatment from £350 on our monthly membership plan
Dentures from £350 per denture on our monthly membership plan
Tooth Whitening from £175 per arch on our monthly membership plan

Registration at GHB Dental Care:

For adult patients, following your new patient assessment which currently costs £65, becoming a registered patient involves joining our monthly Dental Health Plan or Registration only scheme.

For further details, click here.

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(Prices correct as of June 2022)


To arrange an appointment, feel free to call our reception team on 0114 2377642 or pop in during our normal working hours.

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You are now welcome to add your details to our adult new patient waiting list. We will then contact you when we are able to organise your New Patient Assessment with us, which costs £65 including any X-rays that are required. If you would like to add your name to this list, please contact us on 0114 2377642.

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