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Dentures are removable false teeth made of plastic or metal. They fit snugly over the gums to replace missing teeth. Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating, speech and cosmetically.

It is recommended to remove your dentures before sleep to allow your gums to rest as you sleep. Keeping your mouth clean is just as important as ever when you wear dentures. You should brush your remaining teeth, gums and tongue every morning and evening with fluoride toothpaste.

It’s important to regularly remove plaque from your dentures, as unclean dentures can also lead to problems such as bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and oral thrush.

Clean your dentures as often as you would normal teeth (at least every morning and night), by:
• brushing them with paste before soaking, to remove food particles
• soaking the dentures in a fizzy solution of denture-cleaning tablets to remove stains and bacteria – follow the manufacturer’s instructions