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Emergency Dental Services

Regular dental care helps to prevent the need for inconvenient dental emergencies. However, dental emergencies do unfortunately occur.

At GHB Dental Care, we specifically keep select vacant appointment slots available for such occurrences daily, allowing us to see our registered patients as promptly as possible.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, there are very tight restrictions on how we can manage our work flow. For this reason, we are now having to restrict our emergency availability to our Registered patients only. We apologise that we don’t currently have capacity for those patients not registered with us. We are hoping that when the restrictions are eased, this may again become possible.

Our registered patients are automatically enrolled in a dental membership scheme. This can assist you with the cost of emergency dental treatment if unable to attend your regular dental practice if on holiday. In the unfortunate event that a claim is made, this does not affect registration costs thereafter in any way.

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You are now welcome to book your NHS dental assessment for patients aged under the age of 18 only, or organise a New Patient Assessment for adults which costs £65 including any X-rays that are required. Contact us on 0114 2377642 for further information.

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